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When legal disputes disrupt your business or personal life, having a committed, knowledgeable attorney to zealously advocate on your behalf brings comfort and peace of mind. Carroll & Nuttall, PLLC in Fairfax represents Virginia businesses, families and individuals in litigation, arbitration, and mediation. Whether you are seeking damages in a personal injury case, compensation in a breach of contract suit, or civil justice as the »victim of a crime«, we will seek the most favorable result and fight for your personal goals.

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What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation refers to legal proceedings in which criminal charges and penalties are not at stake. Civil trials are typically characterized by a lower burden of proof, and many civil cases aim to resolve disputes between 2 or more parties.

While criminal litigation results in convictions, fines, and jail time, civil litigation typically ends with one party receiving monetary compensation from the other or some sort of issue being resolved.

Types of Civil Cases We Handle

A wide umbrella of issues falls under civil law. Everything from insurance disputes to civil rights cases can be handled with civil litigation.

With our vast experience, we can help you with all types of general civil litigation in state and federal courts, including:

  • Business litigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Property damage
  • Personal injury claims
  • Insurance claims
  • Construction litigation
  • Consumer litigation
  • Products liability
  • Torts

Although most civil disputes settle outside of court, we have the skill and experience to go to trial when necessary and fight to uphold your rights.

What Is a Civil Litigation Attorney?

A civil litigation attorney is a lawyer who specializes in civil matters, including disputes between individuals or businesses. A civil litigation attorney helps clients navigate the court system by representing them before judges and juries to ensure that their rights are protected. Through negotiation and settlement offers, they work to achieve an equitable resolution without going to trial. If a case must go to trial, a civil litigation attorney can draw on their experience and expertise to ensure the best possible outcome for their client.

What Does a Civil Litigation Lawyer Do?

A civil litigation attorney provides invaluable legal advice and representation to individuals, businesses, and organizations who are involved in a dispute or lawsuit. They can assist clients with a wide range of services, including:

  • Advising on the chances of success for any given case
  • Drafting pleadings and other court documents
  • Preparing witnesses for trial and cross examination
  • Negotiating settlements with opposing parties
  • Filing motions to dismiss or enforce judgments
  • Representing their client at hearings, trials, arbitrations, mediations, depositions, interviews and negotiations

Civil litigation attorneys have extensive knowledge in many areas of law such as personal injury cases, contract disputes between two companies or individuals, environmental challenges involving toxic exposure, and dividend rights violations from shareholders’ suits against corporations.

When you’re facing civil litigation in Fairfax, Virginia, Carroll & Nuttall, PLLC is here to help. Our experienced attorneys provide personalized attention and dedicated advocacy for every case. We are committed to protecting your legal rights and defending your interests in the most efficient way possible.

How Our Lawyers Help

As your advocates in a landlord-tenant disputes, medical malpractice actions, employment disputes, or any other kind of civil suit, we represent your interests through every stage of your case.

The stages of your case may include:

  • Investigation
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Pre-trial proceedings
  • Settlement or trial
  • Appeal

The discovery phase of your case will likely be the most time-consuming. At this stage, we exchange information with opposing counsel in the form of depositions (oral questions) and interrogatories (written questions). We can also subpoena information from a third party.

Fortunately, the majority of lawsuits do not involve all of the stages we outlined above. In fact, most are settled before ever reaching the courtroom (or resolved with arbitration or mediation). If settling your case early on will achieve the best result, we will advise you of this and walk you through the settlement process. Nevertheless, if protracted litigation is the only way to achieve the proper outcome, we are ready to fight on your behalf. Ultimately, the choice will be yours and we will empower you to make the best one while exercising your rights and your voice.

Our professional courtroom demeanor and meticulous preparation give us an edge, and our experience on both sides of the courtroom makes every lawyer at our firm a strategic advocate.

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